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Opinion: People in their 20s and 30s are spreading the virus

In the past year, I watched as Australia was ravaged by bush fires. Between episodes of raging walls of fire, there would be weeks of calm, where the fires smoldered through sparse bushland, only to erupt into towering infernos again when the flames reached tinder-dry, old-growth forests.

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The Italian artist imagining eerie futuristic cities

In Italian artist Giacomo Costa's imagined urban landscapes, shadowy concrete apartment buildings are stacked high, devoid of human presence. In other images he depicts sculptural feats of architecture, their damaged facades eclipsing towering skylines. More of his scenes reveal the husks of buildings overgrown with dense, green plants as woods overtake the remains of empty cities.

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Watch demolition bring down towers

A spectacular controlled explosion has demolished the two cooling towers of a disused nuclear power plant in southwestern Germany.

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Opinion: The right way to respond to Adele's weight loss

On Wednesday, Adele celebrated her 32nd birthday with a return to Instagram. The post paid tribute to front-line health care workers and also, undeniably, called attention to the singer's pretty dramatic weight loss -- hard to ignore as she stood in the center of a large wreath wearing a tight black minidress and towering heels.

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