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Analysis: What does justice for Breonna Taylor actually look like?

For this week, we think about what justice might look like in the Breonna Taylor case, discuss great performances by the music icons Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight, and revisit the horrifying history of forced sterilizations. Plus, recommendations: Esquire's profile of Michael Kenneth Williams and Hulu's "High Fidelity."

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Analysis: Joe Biden's Hispanic voter problem is real

President Donald Trump is making his case for Hispanic votes in Arizona and Nevada this week. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is making his first general election appearance in Florida on Tuesday, with an event to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Analysis: When Blackness becomes cosplay

For this week, we discuss the professor who lied about being Black, mull over the Oscars' new diversity requirements and look at the flooding in Sudan. Plus, recommendations: an excellent 1996 film on Netflix and a book full of joy.

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Sign language may be required at briefings

A federal judge ruled this week that the White House may have to provide American Sign Language interpretation at its televised news briefings on the coronavirus pandemic, in response to a lawsuit brought by the National Association of the Deaf and five deaf Americans.

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Postcard arrives almost 100 years after mailing

A Michigan woman got quite a surprise when she went to her mailbox this week -- amid her regular bills and junk mail was a postcard that had been mailed almost 100 years ago.

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Why Trump should worry about a rushed vaccine

This week, President Donald Trump again stated his hope that the United States would have a Covid-19 vaccine by year's end. He even suggested that maybe, just maybe, vaccinations might start by late October.

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A California family recalled a harrowing escape before their home was swallowed by flames. 'We're nomads'

Toby Wait and his family have prepared to flee a number of wildfires that have burned through the rugged and dry mountains of Central California. But none were as ferocious or fast-moving as what the long-time residents of Big Creek faced this week when flames overwhelmed their community, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night and reduced their home to ashes.

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