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Florida House passes bill creating election police force

The Republican-controlled Florida House on Wednesday night passed a voting overhaul bill that would create a new security office to investigate election crimes and increase penalties for violating the state's elections laws.

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Changes in new Texas law angers voters

As early voting kicks off in Texas for US congressional seats, CNN's Dianne Gallagher speaks to voters who are seeing their mail-in ballot applications rejected as a result of the state's new laws.

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Gorsuch deals abortion providers a setback

In the latest setback for abortion clinics in Texas, Justice Neil Gorsuch said Thursday that a conservative federal appeals court should handle the next steps of litigation concerning the state's six-week ban, a move that will likely leave women seeking abortions in the state in legal limbo for weeks if not months.

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem's daughter was given an extra chance to obtain real estate license, former state employee testifies

The former state employee who is at the center of the controversy over whether South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem intervened to help her daughter obtain a real estate appraiser license testified before state lawmakers on Tuesday that Noem's daughter was given an extra chance to correct her work so that her application would not be denied and that the state's process for handling her application was unusual.

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How to improve our odds against deadly tornadoes

On Saturday, tornado scientists like myself woke to horrible news: Dozens of people had been killed in a devastating system of more than 50 tornadoes that spread across several states. The hardest-hit areas appeared to be in Kentucky, where Gov. Andy Beshear said he believes more than 80 people have died in what he called "the most devastating tornado event" in the state's history.

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What the Texas abortion decision portends for reproductive rights

For months, abortion bans made national headlines, in large part thanks to Texas. The state passed a law banning abortion at six weeks, the point at which doctors could detect fetal cardiac activity, and allowed any private citizen to sue a doctor or person aiding or abetting someone seeking an abortion for at least $10,000 dollars a procedure. The legislation solved the state's problems of enforcing laws by creating a lucrative bounty and incentivizing neighbors, friends and family to report one another.

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Analysis: Texas could test one of Biden's core political bets

No state may benefit more than Texas from the social programs included in President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda, an array of recent analyses show -- despite the fierce opposition to the bill from the state's Republican leadership. And over time that dynamic could make the state a crucial proving ground for one of the White House's core political bets.

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