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What can sustain us through this darkest season

"Snow falling and night falling fast, oh fast," wrote Robert Frost, the great American poet, in "Desert Places." He was a poet who knew something about snowstorms, having spent much of his life in the wintry states of New Hampshire and Vermont, where one can expect to be snowed in several times a year, often for days at a time.

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How brave women, like Meghan Markle, are helping me after unimaginable loss

I woke up on a Monday morning, a few weeks before Christmas, and in my inbox was an assignment to do a story on how malls, shopping centers and Santas would be adapting to our new Covid-world this year. I was thrilled! After months of heavy, heartbreaking headlines, I was tapped to cover something fun, creative and uplifting.

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Analysis: Why this Texas 'election fraud' lawsuit is a joke

When most people hear "lawsuit" and "Supreme Court," they generally think something serious is going on. After all, the legal system in America is no joke! And if the Supreme Court might get involved? Well then, we all need to sit up and pay attention.

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New artificial skin can feel real pain

Pain may not be desirable, but it's essential for survival. An effective and sophisticated defense mechanism, pain is our body's way of telling us that something's wrong and that we should take immediate action to avoid injury.

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Democrats and Republicans, stop fighting and get something done

After four years of hyper-partisanship, we have a rare window of opportunity this January to come together, heal our nation, and govern for all of America -- not just one party. The question is: will we choose civility, or squander the moment?

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Opinion: Anti-maskers are a group of people whining so much over something so little

I don't judge someone by whom they vote for, what team they cheer for or how they like their steak cooked. But few things make me lose respect for a person faster than learning they're an anti-masker. I have not arrived at this opinion lightly; as I write this, my home state of Utah just shattered a record by reporting 3,919 new cases of Covid-19.

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Friday the 13th: How it came to be and why it's considered unlucky

At least once a year, the calendar dates align to give us a Friday the 13th. Airline ticket prices tend to dip (when we're not in a pandemic), your superstitious boss avoids important meetings and the whole day, there's a small part of you that's just waiting for something weird to happen.

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Today's trash is tomorrow's booze

Here's something we can all toast to: A British brewer has perfected a way to turn surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich shops into a popular craft beer.

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Democracy didn't win. It survived

Jubilation spilled out onto the streets of cities across the US on Saturday after networks called the 2020 election for Joe Biden. Sweet, exhausted, joyful and raucous, these emotional displays reflected a sense that something more than an electoral victory had just happened. Sen. Bernie Sanders captured that feeling when he exclaimed in a CNN appearance shortly after the call was made, "Thank God democracy won out!"

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