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Bitcoin soars after BlackRock says it could replace gold

Bitcoin is often referred to as digital gold. And now a top strategist at the world's largest asset management firm says the cryptocurrency could one day replace the yellow metal as a go-to safe haven investment.

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What if Trump loses and refuses to concede?

President Trump hasn't said whether or not he will peacefully pass the presidential torch if he loses the election. His opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, says it won't matter.

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Delta has banned 460 anti-maskers

In a new memo, Delta Air Lines says it has banned more than 400 people from flying for not following the airline's mask policy.

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FBI says it has 'nothing to add' to Ratcliffe's claim on Russian disinformation

The FBI said in a letter Tuesday night that it had "nothing to add" to comments this week by the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, who said there was "no intelligence to support" that Russian disinformation efforts were connected to recently surfaced emails that have been behind stories critical of Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden.

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The parts of America cut off by the pandemic

Each evening, Point Roberts residents Steve Work and Shawna Sylvester head out for a walk. Strolling along the sandy beaches that surround the community, Work says it often feels like the American/Canadian couple has the eight miles of shoreline to themselves.

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