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Amid Covid surge, NYC subway forced to cut back service

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is responsible for managing the New York City region's public transit, announced that there will be fewer trains running this week due to the Covid-19 surge in New York.

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The Middle East is stuck in the crosshairs of a worsening US-China rivalry

In a year that has brought profound change to to much of the world, the conflict-ravaged Middle East appeared to be finally turning a page. A diplomatic spree that sought to patch up long rifts bore fruit. Iraq transformed from the region's epicenter of violence to one of progress, for example, brokering rare talks between old rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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The Pacific Northwest now needs to adapt to heat, experts say

It was only last year when Hannah Lindell-Smith woke up in the middle of the night with the taste of smoke in her mouth. The orange sky over Washington and Oregon was filled with embers as wildfires raged, leading to some of the region's most prolonged and dangerous air quality crisis.

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VC Jim Breyer: Silicon Valley still has a bright future. But Austin's time is now

More than a year ago now, I left the Bay Area for Austin, Texas. It wasn't an easy decision. I've spent three-plus decades embedded in Silicon Valley, investing in some of the region's top tech companies. With its entrepreneurial culture, top-tier academic institutions and countless tech success stories, there wasn't a better place in the world than the Bay Area to be an investor.

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For Biden, a key challenge in Central America

In better times, the verdant hills of Jinotega, Nicaragua, are carpeted with coffee cherries that yield a superior brew and provide a decent living for the region's farming families.

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Dangerous fuel leak in the Arctic

An approximately 5-million-gallon diesel fuel spill from a power station storage tank near the Arctic town of Norilsk, Russia, poses a deadly threat to the region's people, plants, and animals. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin, who doesn't have a strong environmental track record, has declared a state of emergency.

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