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It's time we recognize caregivers are essential workers

We all want the same things in life: health, security and promising futures for our families. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear how caregivers -- including child care, home care and nursing home workers -- are essential to achieving this vision. But families struggle to afford care, while care jobs remain undervalued, understaffed, underprotected and underpaid. It's time for Congress and President Joe Biden to make real change.

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Opinion: We can't let women get set back for a generation

Equal Pay Day marks the date in the calendar when women are finally able to catch up to what men earned the year before. It's sad, but not surprising, that women in the US still earn far less than men, and the pandemic has only heightened the economic hardships for women.

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How to launch an airline during a global pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has forced even the biggest airlines to ground planes, slash jobs and bolster their finances to survive the worst crisis in aviation history. A full recovery is still years away, but a handful of gutsy CEOs think now is the perfect time to launch new carriers.

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Poll: Most Americans say the worst of the pandemic has passed

House and Senate Democrats are bracing for a clash over the next phase of President Joe Biden's agenda, preparing for a long slog and intense debate over competing priorities and legislative tactics after quickly coming together on the massive relief plan signed into law Thursday.

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Pandemic hits women's retirement savings hard

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on women, ranging from job losses to childcare demands. It's also hit women's finances -- especially when it comes to their retirement savings.

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Melinda Gates: Women are leaving workforce in huge numbers

CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Melinda Gates on International Women's Day about what governments can do to support women after the United Nations said the coronavirus pandemic has driven 47 million women out of the workforce.

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Thousands of students dropped out due to the pandemic. These educators are tracking them down

The pandemic has hit education systems hard nationwide as students fall through the cracks, unable to keep up under the strain of virtual learning and other Covid-19-related challenges. As schools return to in-person learning, officials are now hoping students will return. With enrollment and attendance numbers down, educators in cities like New Orleans are tracking down these students to get them back into school.

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He drives 70 miles so his mother has water to wash her hands

Navajo Nation resident Timothy Holiday drives miles to haul clean water to his mother so she can drink and wash her hands. Victoria Badonie's grandchildren used to shower from a groundwater pipe over a mile from their house before federal stimulus money recently helped them get running water. They are among the many on the reservation who have limited access to clean water. This has always been their way of life, but see how the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified the need to fix this inequality.

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How we got WiFi to students in our family shelters

Learning remotely during a pandemic has been difficult for most students, but for children and families living in homeless shelters, the task has felt impossible at times. As the executive director of social services non-profit BronxWorks, my heart sank when schools closed in March. One aspect of our robust social service work is managing three family shelters, and New York City shelters are not equipped with WiFi -- how could students possibly attend school remotely without a reliable internet connection?

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Sen. Warren: Pandemic has really set women back

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) explains how the coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected women and their career paths and how the government can help offset these effects.

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