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Despite the state of things, there will be a turkey pardon

America is at an unsettling moment, with a resurgent pandemic and a president who refuses to accept the results of a national election. Most schoolchildren remain out of the classroom, people are working from their living rooms, restaurants are half-empty, social gatherings largely scaled back.

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A 'huge wave of evictions' is possible in January

Tammy Phelps had high hopes and big plans for 2020. She had planned to buy her own home and move out of the rental where she and her five children had been living since her divorce five years ago. She and her boyfriend were planning a wedding.

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Next-gen consoles are here. So are the games

It's been a busy week in video games, as the long-awaited next-gen consoles from Xbox and PlayStation made their way to people's homes. While many gamers reported problems getting consoles before websites sold out of them, the lucky few who managed buy a console may be looking for new games to try.

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The GOP is pitifully out of step on Obamacare

On Tuesday morning, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case, mounted by Republicans and backed by the Trump administration, that is attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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When my mother was dying, Alex Trebek led us out of heartbreak

Learning of Alex Trebek's passing this weekend, I had the sense of losing a beloved relative. This man I had never actually met played such a significant role in my life and its unbearable losses -- somehow his end made me remember so much other mourning that I was forced to stop mid-step to bear it.

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Here's what Trump may try to do

President Donald Trump is on his way out of the White House, but he's not done just yet. After nearly four years of relentless law-bending and norm-smashing, Trump now enters his final two-plus months in office entirely unrestrained. He won't have to face the voters again, so he can indulge his basest instincts for payback and self-preservation. Get ready for a Constitutional stress test like we've never seen before.

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