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This is what happens to all the rats when cities flood

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, the pummeling rain that hit cities up and down the East Coast at the start of September overwhelmed storm drains, poured into subway stations and filled basements like bathtubs. The devastating human toll is well known. Less clear is what happened to the denizens of those cities' subterranean depths: the rats.

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Post-Ida failures show why we need to adapt

In the 16 years since Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana and the federal government have engaged in a massive experiment called "disaster resilience," the idea that physical and community infrastructure are integrated and built to recover and maintain operations in the face of extreme events. Yes, thankfully, the single-purpose, cost-effective flood levees that the US Army Corps of Engineers built after Hurricane Katrina worked. Yet, nearly every other infrastructure system that disaster resilience adherents promised to integrate has either failed or performed extremely poorly in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida -- from collapsed transmission lines to 911 system outages.

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