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This child is smiling, but her story is devastating

A happy song blasts from the speakers in the courtyard of a school turned into a camp for displaced people, drowning out the sound of shelling in the distance. But the Syrian civil war is never far. CNN's Awa Damon reports on the unparalleled humanitarian crisis with no end in sight.

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Here's how to help Australia bushfire victims

The devastating Australian bushfires have been burning for months and there's no end in sight. They've taken the lives of citizens and firefighters, and they've destroyed hundreds of homes. They've forced entire towns to evacuate and live in shelters in one of the worst fire seasons in Australia's history. Volunteer firefighters are working relentlessly to combat the flames, leaving their own families behind.

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Trump keeps doing favors for Putin

There seems to be no end to the "solids" or favors that Donald Trump has managed to do for Vladimir Putin. They just keep coming -- and now, with the public Ukraine impeachment inquiry hearings winding up their second week, it's worth taking stock of them.

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No end in sight for Lebanon anti-government protests

Lebanon's protesters have demonstrated against corruption and the political elite. Now protest leaders say the country faces a historic opportunity for change, but it is also dangerous. CNN Ben Wedeman reports.

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