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2020 primaries: 4 things to watch in Tuesday's contests

Last week's down-ballot primary action in Kentucky and New York still isn't settled, but it's time for three more states -- Colorado, Utah and Oklahoma -- to host primaries Tuesday, and there's at least one contest in each state that could help shape the balance of power in Congress next year.

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Opinion: Covid-19 is a crisis we can conquer

As challenging as the pandemic has been for students across the country and world, they've shown a surprising amount of strength in persevering. Instead of succumbing to fear or helplessness, they've turned inward, reflected on their previous struggles, and applied those lessons to their new normal. But where does that strength come from? In the next installment of "Generation Resilient," we asked three students to share their answers with CNN Opinion. The views expressed in this commentary are solely their own.

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Gayle King challenged AT&T's CEO on race. He agreed it was a 'fair' critique

AT&T's next CEO, John Stankey, is a White man -- replacing Randall Stephenson, a White man. When CBS News' Gayle King questioned whether Stephenson should have used his retirement to promote someone who doesn't look like him to head one of America's biggest companies, Stephenson said her point was valid.

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Analysis: The hard truth about the Facebook ad boycott: Nothing matters but Zuckerberg

For years, Facebook has been viewed as one of the only truly indispensable digital advertising platforms for big and small businesses looking to reach the social network's vast audience. Even as the company lurched from one controversy to the next, and endured viral hashtags calling for users to delete the app, its advertising machine kept churning out money, making Facebook seem all but unstoppable.

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NASA rover will launch to Mars next month

A mission 10 years in the making, NASA is one month out from launching the Perseverance rover to Mars. This rover, launching during a pandemic, will carry a tribute to health care workers around the world.

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After Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, will these mascots be next to go?

Corporate mascots with racist origins have been dropping like flies over the last two days, with food brands like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's, Mrs. Butterworth's and Cream of Wheat announcing marketing revamps following anti-racist protests over George Floyd's killing.

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'Miss Juneteenth' is a timeless mother-daughter tale

Marking an impressive directorial debut, "Miss Juneteenth" is a straightforward story of mothers and daughters -- of opportunities lost, roads not taken, and hopes and dreams passed from one generation to the next. It's also a terrific showcase for star Nicole Beharie, hitting demand platforms on, yes, June 19, following a run on the festival circuit.

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