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A vaccine maker ruined 15 million doses after CEO sold $11 million of stock

Emergent BioSolutions' stock lost more than half of its value since the disclosure that it ruined as many as 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine at its Baltimore plant. But the company's CEO dumped more than $11 million worth of stock ahead of the stock's massive decline.

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How the US hit its vaccine stride

With an average of 3.1 million doses of Covid-19 administered each day, the United States is on pace to hit another vaccination milestone: Half of adults in the country are expected to have received at least one dose of the vaccine by the end of this week.

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US to purchase 100 million more Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses

President Joe Biden will announce Wednesday that he is directing the US Department of Health and Human Services to purchase an additional 100 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, a White House official confirms to CNN.

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Supply issues hampering Pfizer providing additional vaccine faster

Vaccine supply constraints are complicating the Trump administration's hopes of striking a deal with Pfizer to purchase another 100 million doses of the company's coronavirus vaccines, the latest hurdle to ramping up vaccine production as the virus rapidly spreads.

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EU agrees to buy 300 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

The European Union has formally authorized a fourth contract with the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and their German lab partner BioNTech to procure up to 300 million doses of their candidate coronavirus vaccine, should it be proven to be safe and effective against the virus. 

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Novavax gets U.S. defense funding for its COVID-19 vaccine

Novavax Inc said on Thursday the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) will give the late-stage biotech company up to $60 million to fund the manufacturing of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S.-based company said the deal includes the delivery of 10 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine - NVX-CoV2373 - to the DoD this year.

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