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The hypocrisy of the 'Open it Up' movement

A healthcare worker in green scrubs stands in the middle of an intersection, staring down a traffic jam of screaming protesters demanding a return to their livelihoods and liberties.

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An ex-Democrat's gift to Trump

Who wins and who loses now that New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew has switched to the Republican side of the House -- in the middle of an impeachment and just ahead of an election? It depends on how you look at it.

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Key state races to watch this Tuesday

The outcome of races in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia on Tuesday could shed light on how the country is leaning in the middle of an impeachment inquiry and as it heads into a presidential election year.

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STDs are sexist, and women are the losers

America is in the middle of an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections, and when it comes to heterosexual transmission, it's hitting women the hardest.

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Republican leaders have defended Trump, claiming there was no quid pro quo. Now some say they can't rule out supporting impeachment.

A top White House official said on Thursday that President Donald Trump had withheld nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine in order to pressure the country to open an investigation that he thought would politically benefit himself, worrying some Republicans in Congress in the middle of an impeachment inquiry.

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In Syria, a rebel fighter clears Islamic State minefields

MAREA, Syria (Reuters) - Ahmad Najjar stands in the middle of an Islamic State minefield in northern Syria holding torn camouflage rags that he said were from the clothing of a colleague recently blown up while dismantling explosives planted by the militant group.

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Stranded Cubans hope for U.S. reunion

Jose Raul Gonzalez sits in his South Florida home worried about his 18-year-old son, one of the Cubans caught in the middle of an international refugee crisis.

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