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Opinion: Mary Trump's disturbingly credible assessment of her 'dangerous' uncle

No one will ever fully explain Donald Trump: the cruelty, the vanity, the insecurity converted to massive overconfidence. However, in "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man," his niece Mary L. Trump comes closer than anyone to describing the making of a seemingly heartless person who won his way to the White House.

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Black trans model Jari Jones fronts Calvin Klein's Pride campaign

In front of a massive Calvin Klein billboard in Manhattan, Black transgender model, actress and activist Jari Jones popped a bottle of champagne while her own likeness looked down over the city streets. The image of herself she was celebrating is part of Calvin Klein's 2020 Pride campaign #PROUDINMYCALVINS, which features a cast of nine LGBTQ models including Jones, who identifies as a transqueer lesbian.

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The hidden health cost of Trump's visa freeze

President Donald Trump on Monday signed a proclamation freezing new visas for many foreign workers through the end of the year. Not only will this result in an immediate threat to the US response to Covid-19, but it could massively impact the overall health of the nation.

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A father's guide to raising good men

We've arrived at a moment of reckoning. Two-plus years after the height of the #metoo movement raised awareness about the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault, nations worldwide are now in the midst of both a pandemic and a massive uprising for racial justice.

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America has to reckon with its original sins

During one of the most tumultuous weeks in recent American history, massive demonstrations against the brutal actions of Minneapolis police in the death of George Floyd spread across the country in over 700 cities and towns.

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Opinion: Welcome to the 'Great Awakening'

In the wake of George Floyd's killing, the Movement for Black Lives -- already a massive global force -- has succeeded in birthing a phenomenon infinitely larger than itself. It can only be called a "Great Awakening" of empathy and solidarity, one without historical precedent.

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MORNING BID-Reality check?

A look at the day ahead from Dhara Ranasinghe, senior markets correspondent, EMEA. The views expressed are her own. A week, it appears, is a long time in the world of financial markets. Hopes for a swift economic recovery, propelled by massive monetary and fiscal stimulus, have been replaced by fears over a resurgence in coronavirus infections -- wiping $3 trillion off the value of world stock markets.

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