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Let Them Wear Cake

And fringe! Forget the power shoulder. Welcome to the age of the power frill and even the power pannier. At Prada and Moschino, the clichés of femininity are being weaponized.

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How to watch tonight's Iowa caucuses

• 6 things to look for in tonight's Iowa caucuses • An illustrated guide to the Iowa caucuses • Iowans will help decide America's future. This town is unsure of its own • Opinion: The secret to winning Iowa • A cliché yet true: It all comes down to turnout in Iowa • Full coverage: CNN's Iowa Election Center

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Opinion: Suzuki's MAGA hat stunt took guts

Lord, I love baseball. I love every cliché -- how time begins on Opening Day; how the game is designed to break your heart; how it teaches failure over and over again; how the best players in the world fail to get a hit two out of three times. And then, in those rare moments when everything comes together, it produces a miracle.

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