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Opinion: Biden has to do a whole lot more on inflation

In a speech at the Port of Baltimore this week, President Joe Biden acknowledged that inflation was "worrisome." With consumer prices increasing 6.2% over the last 12 months, the administration understands that it has a problem on its hands. Of course, the primary concern is the economic health of the nation.

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US seizes $6 million in ransom payments, expected to charge Ukrainian in cyberattack

Law enforcement officials have seized an estimated $6 million in ransom payments, and the US Justice Department is expected to announce Monday that it has charged a suspect from Ukraine over a damaging July ransomware attack on an American company in a breakthrough for the Biden administration's pursuit of cybercriminals, CNN has learned.

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Indian homegrown Covid-19 shot wins WHO emergency use approval

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that it has granted approval for Indian drugmaker Bharat Biotech's home-grown Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use listing, paving the way for it to be accepted as a valid vaccine in many poor countries.

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USPS agrees to provide daily election mail reports to Virginia Democrats after lawsuit

The US Postal Service has agreed to provide the Democratic Party of Virginia with a daily report detailing how it has handled election-related mail as part of a lawsuit Democrats filed against the federal agency alleging that thousands of absentee ballots and applications from general registrars failed to be processed and scanned in a timely manner to get them to voters.

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Facebook having a tougher time managing misinformation than it is letting on, leaks suggest

In public, Facebook has touted the resources it has dedicated to tackling Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation, even scolding US President Joe Biden for his harsh criticism of the company's handling of the issue. In doing so, it claimed that "more than 2 billion people have viewed authoritative information about COVID-19 and vaccines on Facebook, which is more than any other place on the internet."

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Opinion: Start memorializing Covid-19's victims now

The United States is approaching a tragic milestone: 750,000 American deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the toll has mounted, it has seemed harder for Americans to take stock of what these deaths mean.

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US kills senior al Qaeda leader in Syria airstrike

An airstrike in northwest Syria Friday killed senior al-Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar, according to the US Central Command. The military said it has "no indications of civilian casualties as a result of the strike."

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