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People close to Biden's VP search say these are the four leading prospects

Joe Biden is entering the final month of his search for a running mate, a decision people close to the process say is now heavily influenced by a national reckoning on racism, as his search committee pores over records and conducts interviews before presenting a list of finalists to the former vice president.

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Jon Stewart tackles money and politics in 'Irresistible'

Jon Stewart resurfaces with a politically savvy directorial effort, "Irresistible," that's a bit too heavy-handed to live up to its title. Delving into the corrosive influence of money on politics, Stewart's second film exhibits passion for its topic and cleverly registers an important point before it's over, but labors too much getting there.

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Silicon Valley can no longer tinker around its diversity problem

Six years ago, a wave of tech companies including Apple, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn began revealing data on the diversity of their workforces. The information, which had previously been kept closely guarded, was released after increased pressure for transparency as their fortunes and influence swelled.

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Trump's slap at Twitter shows his use of power for personal whims

Donald Trump was impeached for using presidential power to influence an election. It's now clear that his acquittal in a Senate trial only encouraged him to use that authority to service personal whims in a pattern that becomes more pronounced the longer he is in office.

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