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After football comparisons, University of Georgia will allow on-campus voting

After an onslaught of criticism from student groups and local politicians for canceling in-person voting but allowing football this fall, the University of Georgia changed direction Thursday, announcing it would offer election officials the use of their basketball arena for students to vote.

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Opinion: The three words that can avert an election nightmare

The most important thing most voters need to know for this fall's election can be expressed in three words: Vote in person. That includes early in-person voting, as well as Election Day voting. That should be the message to voters who are not in unusually high-risk health categories. No doubt that will sound surprising, after all the fights to expand mail-in and absentee ballot options. Yet no action is more critical to avoiding an election nightmare.

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Long voting lines threaten our democracy. Fixing them is easier than you think

Another Tuesday, another mess of an election. Georgia's primary on June 9 featured new voting machines that malfunctioned and led to agonizingly long waits at the polls. The week before, it was Washington DC, where voting by mail went smoothly but where lines at in-person voting centers stretched for up to five hours.

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This state has it right on voting during Covid-19

There must be something in the water in Kentucky. At a time when partisanship still runs rampant, despite a pandemic, Kentucky's leaders have found a way to come to a bipartisan agreement on how to administer the upcoming primary on June 23. That agreement -- which expands vote-by-mail for all voters, permits in-person voting for those who need it, and allows the state to begin the process of cleaning up the voter rolls -- pales in comparison to the debacle in Wisconsin, where partisan bickering and court decisions that fell along ideological lines led voters to face an unfathomable choice between their health and their fundamental right to vote.

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