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Video shows crew rescue after ship loses power during storm

The crew of a Dutch cargo ship was rescued from their vessel when it lost power in the middle of a storm in the North Sea, putting it in danger of capsizing. Rescue operators plan to tow the empty ship to safety to avoid the hundreds of tons of oil and diesel from spilling into the water.

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'Real Housewives' star Jen Shah arrested on federal fraud charges

Reality TV star Jen Shah of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" was arrested and charged in connection with a telemarketing scheme that defrauded hundreds of people, many of whom are over the age of 55, according to a superseding indictment that was unsealed this week.

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America's disastrous love affair with Rwanda's Paul Kagame

Rwanda's journey from its 1994 genocide to a model of orderly development made it a go-to country for those who want to invest in an African success story, taking in hundreds of millions in new overseas investments each year and making it one of corporate America's ideal places for charitable donations. But the love affair between the United States and Rwanda's hardline president Paul Kagame, should be seriously reconsidered after 27 years of systemic human rights abuses.

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Here's what Covid vaccines are worth to Big Pharma

The various Covid-19 vaccines currently being distributed around the globe have the potential to end the worst pandemic in a century. They also will mean hundreds of billions dollars in sales for the pharmaceutical companies that make them.

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A year of mostly living online made the internet weird again

On the audio-based app Clubhouse, people are gathering in virtual rooms to make whale moaning noises or to participate in silent meditation together. Hundreds of people on the popular gaming platform Discord started a server where they just send each other the letter "h" all day every day. And a new Twitter account created this week shows the same short clip of Tony Soprano crying in his car with different sad songs playing in the background and has quickly racked up thousands of followers.

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Mount Everest to reopen for first climbers post-pandemic

Hundreds of climbers are set to return to Mount Everest for the first time next month under strict conditions, government officials and mountaineers said, as the world's tallest peak reopens after a year closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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