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Biden faces questions on his ambitious agenda

President Joe Biden is set to participate in a CNN town hall from Baltimore Thursday evening, where he'll take questions as Democrats are finalizing negotiations over key aspects of his legislative agenda.

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How to watch CNN's town hall with President Biden

President Joe Biden will participate in a CNN town hall on Thursday in Baltimore, where he'll take questions as his administration continues to sell his ambitious legislative agenda to members of Congress and the nation.

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Biden promises answers on European travel ban

President Joe Biden said Thursday he'll soon be able to answer persistent questions about travel to the US from Europe after German Chancellor Angela Merkel raised the matter in the Oval Office.

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Mom explains how she'll spend child tax credit

As President Joe Biden's Enhanced Child Tax Credit goes into effect, CNN's Adrienne Broaddus talks to moms across the country about how the monthly checks will help them.

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Manchin says he'll oppose massive voting rights bill

• Analysis: Manchin tanks Democrats' hopes of going it alone on their sweeping agenda • What Manchin's constituents think of his bipartisanship • Opinion: Democracy in America has been overthrown before

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