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College leaders deserve an F for their reopening

College life right now is a mess: there has been an explosion of Covid-19 cases on college campuses since some schools resumed in person. According to The New York Times weekly tally updated on September 10, there have been 88,000 Covid-19 cases across 1,190 college campuses. Of these, "more than 61,000 cases came since late August."

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Red and Blue America took different roads

America has been coming apart at the seams, with Democrats and Republicans increasingly unable of communicating with one another. Red states and blue states, as decided in the 2016 election, have confronted each other in incomprehension, and are leading very different lives with very different economic conditions. Reuniting America requires a forward-looking path of sustainable development that benefits all regions, including the states that have been hard hit by the long-term decline in manufacturing jobs.

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The best stock in the S&P 500 is 105 years old

Apple, Amazon and Nvidia get all the attention on Wall Street, but those alluring tech titans have been left in the dust this year by a 105-year-old air conditioning company.

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