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Tiny crab preserved in 100-million-year-old amber

Fossils trapped in amber have been among paleontology's most fascinating finds in recent years -- globs of hardened ancient tree resin have captured tantalizing details about spiders, lizards, microscopic animals, insects, birds and even a tiny dinosaur that are often missing from fossils found in rock.

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Texas doctor: I could only hold my patient's hand

I am an Ob-Gyn who has been providing abortions in Texas for eight years. Since September 1, my staff and I have been forced to comply with an extreme abortion ban -- SB 8 -- that has blocked patients from getting an abortion at approximately six weeks of pregnancy, before many patients know they are pregnant.

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Opinion: How to protect pregnant people from Covid

Data released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show there have been more than 128,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases among people who are pregnant, including more than 22,000 hospitalizations and 180 deaths since the pandemic began. Among these, there were 22 deaths in August alone.

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Should Schumer be blamed for the Manchin problem?

Progressives have been lambasting the Senate's top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, all over my social media feeds this week for failing to stand up to the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell. Those criticisms peaked this week as McConnell seemed to be calling the shots on the debt-limit impasse. Even though Schumer maneuvered to get what he wanted -- the Senate extended the debt ceiling (till December) -- there was no letup from the left.

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Opinion: Visiting Venice right now is the opportunity of a lifetime

Visiting Venice right now is the opportunity of a lifetime. The city, which invented quarantine -- quaranta giorni, or "40 days," referred to the wait-time for disembarking travelers from distant lands during the Great Plague -- would not have been on my list at any other time.

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Opinion: Moderate Democrats were betrayed by their own party

With the decision last week to delay a promised vote on the bipartisan infrastructure legislation, this unfolding spectacle proves a point I have been making for years: The political center of America is underrepresented in the United States Congress, especially in the House of Representatives.

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Opinion: A serious question about our weirded world

The oil spill off Huntington Beach and spreading to the surrounding area is not a lone actor or a unique monster. We have been here before and will be again -- probably quite soon. This oil spill may well prove to be something of a replay of the 2015 Refugio spill that erupted over beaches about 150 miles north of Huntington Beach.

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