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Golden Globes: Catherine O'Hara wins for 'Schitt's Creek'

• The Golden Globes get off to an awkward start amid controversy, while honoring Black stars • See the full list of winners • A movie set in Arkansas is vying for best foreign-language film. Here's why that's controversial

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Opinion: Change doesn't always happen in front of your eyes

For the record, I was pulling for Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma" to win a Best Picture Oscar to go along with the ones both he and the film had received Sunday night for Best Director, Best Foreign-Language Film and Best Cinematography.

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'A Fantastic Woman' bridges cultural divide

Chile's Oscar nominee for best foreign-language film, "A Fantastic Woman" is one of those movies that derives power from its simplicity, conveying the discrimination against its transgender heroine in a way culls from a long history of such portrayals and yet somehow manages to feel fresh and relevant.

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