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Kamala Harris' struggles to answer border question seen as part of a pattern

Several allies and former aides to Vice President Kamala Harris had "flashbacks" last week as they watched her fumble a politically sensitive question during her first foreign trip, seeing the misstep as part of a broader pattern of messaging challenges that have dogged her since her presidential campaign.

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Analysis: Biden's symbolism-packed international debut

Despite some cicada-related hiccups, Joe Biden made his first foreign trip as President this week, promising to bolster the world's response to Covid-19 and seeking to repair international ties frayed by his predecessor.

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14 year old wows President Biden

14-year-old Sydney Glascock introduced President Biden at the RAF Mildenhall base in Suffolk, England, to kick off his first foreign trip as President. Glascock and her mother speak with CNN's New Day.

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AOC says this message from Kamala Harris is 'disappointing'

Since departing for her first foreign trip in office to Guatemala and Mexico, Vice President Kamala Harris, has drawn criticism from both Republicans and Democrats as she looks to tackle the root causes of migration toward the US. CNN's Jeremy Diamond reports.

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Analysis: Foreign trip over, Trump escalates Pelosi duel

With a backdrop of US war graves, Donald Trump plunged back into partisan politics with a blazing attack on Nancy Pelosi, turning the page on one of the most successful and even tempered foreign trips of his presidency.

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