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Opinion: Impeachment shows unelected government employees are heart of democracy

The depositions began on October 17 and were followed, less than a month later, by the televised public hearings of the House Intelligence Committee. By November 21, the nation had heard, live and in person, from 11 unelected career public servants and one recent Trump-appointee, hotelier Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union.

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Schiff says Democrats won't go to court to compel Bolton testimony

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff left the door open to the possibility of more hearings or depositions in the impeachment inquiry but said that Democrats will not "wait months and months while the administration plays a game of rope-a-dope in an effort to try to stall."

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Excerpts of Sondland, Volker transcripts released

House Democrats released excerpts of the transcripts of their closed-door depositions with former US Special Envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker and US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.

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These transcripts are the first that Democrats have released

The committees behind the House's impeachment inquiry released on Monday the first two transcripts from their closed-door depositions, making public transcripts from their interviews with former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and Michael McKinley, a former State Department adviser.

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Opinion: Impeachment proceedings could be a gift to US enemies

The House of Representatives voted to formalize impeachment proceedings on Thursday, and they have a heavy slate of witnesses scheduled for testimony this week. Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has indicated he will release transcripts of recent closed-door witness depositions, which means the country -- and the rest of the world -- will get a look at the inner workings of our government.

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Why House Republicans tried to out-childish the Democrats

Republican lawmakers may have had good reason on Wednesday to barge into a closed-door House Intelligence Committee deposition, delaying the process for five hours, but nevertheless, their stunt was misguided. GOP complaints that partisan House Democrats are holding depositions behind closed doors, and preventing the public from hearing key information from witnesses testifying in the impeachment inquiry to further their own agenda, have some basis in truth -- but that is no excuse for childish antics.

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Mounting frustration inside White House over Hill depositions

President Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissed the escalating impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill during a jovial Rose Garden appearance, but sources say there is mounting frustration over the cavalcade of administration witnesses providing testimony.

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