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Biden's speech comes the day after the House voted to impeach Trump again

President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday evening will outline a $1.9 trillion emergency legislative package to fund a nationwide vaccination effort and provide direct economic relief to Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic, senior Biden administration officials told reporters on Thursday.

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Hotel converts into Covid-19 ward for overflow

As a new study reveals that a large proportion of doctors and nurses in the United Kingdom have been traumatized by working in ICUs during the coronavirus pandemic, CNN's Salma Abdelaziz reports from inside the first hotel in the country to have been converted into a overflow hospital to treat patients.

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Rural hospital staff devastated by Covid-19 patients

Nurses work 18 hours a day at a rural California hospital hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Sara Sidner reports a National Guard strike team of medics and nurses arrives daily to the St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley.

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