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Lt. Gov.: The US needs a national hotspot strategy

Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist responds to the Biden administration's policy of allocating Covid-19 vaccines based on states' populations, saying it does not account for hotspots like his state where coronavirus cases are surging.

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Dr. Fauci: This is not going to last forever

As more and more people in the US are getting vaccinated, CNN's Jim Acosta talks to Dr. Anthony Fauci about what else Americans can be doing to help prevent another surge in coronavirus cases.

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How the Czech Republic slipped into a Covid disaster, one misstep at a time

On an epidemiological map of the world, the Czech Republic shows up as a tiny island of doom and gloom. While the global number of new coronavirus cases has been dropping for six consecutive weeks, the Central European nation of 10 million has been experiencing near record levels of new infections.

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Stocks are falling. But it's not all bad news

A burst of anxiety is ricocheting across financial markets as Wall Street sets expectations for the next phase of the pandemic, which could take hold this spring and summer as vaccinations rise and coronavirus cases fall.

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Analysis: Trump is right, $600 isn't enough. But $2,000 isn't either

After months of failed negotiations and political feuding, Congress finally approved a $900 billion relief package this week, nearly nine months after the record $2.2 trillion passed in March, and against the backdrop of a country riddled with economic peril and surging coronavirus cases.

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Analysis: Trump is still only out for himself

In the six weeks since President-elect Joe Biden won the White House, President Donald Trump has proved again and again that he has little concern for anyone other than himself, scheming and spreading falsehoods as he seeks to overturn the election while seeming unmoved by the grim climb in coronavirus cases that has led to more than 316,000 deaths in the United States while countless Americans struggle to keep food on the table.

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