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'Labor of Love' recalls Fox's reality roots

Fox was an early architect of the tawdriest forms of reality TV, and appears eager to dredge up its renegade roots with "Labor of Love." It's an attention-grabbing concept -- a 41-year-old woman looking for a guy with whom she can have a baby -- that becomes less fertile after the introductions.

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Citizen's arrest laws aren't cut and dry. Here's what you need to know

The shooting death of a Georgia man has thrust a complicated and often misunderstood legal tenet into the spotlight. The concept of "citizen's arrest" is a common cultural trope, but it's also at the center of the case of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was shot and killed after a pair of men pursued him with the alleged intent of making such an arrest.

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What Andrew Yang still wants to fight for

Andrew Yang's insurgent campaign for President of the United States propelled him from relative obscurity into the national spotlight, as the leader of a burgeoning movement of "Yang Gangers" focused on mainstreaming the concept of Universal Basic Income: giving every adult in the US a "freedom dividend," in Yang's words, of $1000 a month. In the era of massive Covid-19 stimulus, Yang's belief in UBI has rapidly gone from political fantasy to a pragmatic policy notion.

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What flying economy class could look like after the virus

It's clear flying will be different after coronavirus, and while some airlines are discussing the removal of middle seats to maintain social distancing, one airplane interiors company has come up with concepts for adapting economy class cabins.

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Kenya Barris goes from 'Black-ish' to '#blackAF' with his messy Netflix debut

Inaugurating "Black-ish" producer Kenya Barris' deal with Netflix, "#blackAF" is as messy as its title -- an unwieldy, self-indulgent show in which Barris, much like Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," plays a version of himself. It's both a tired concept and an awkwardly constructed one, something that cute hashtags and the occasional clever Hollywood/L.A. reference can't fix.

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'DEVS' dives world of brainy sci-fi

Having already established a niche in cerebral science fiction with "Ex Machina" and "Annihilation," writer-director Alex Garland brings that brand to streaming TV with "DEVS," a mind-blowing concept that doesn't entirely come together at the close, but which remains unsettling and provocative throughout.

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