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India bans TikTok amid rising China tensions

India is banning TikTok and several other well-known Chinese apps, saying they pose a "threat to sovereignty and integrity," in the latest indication of escalating tensions between the two countries.

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China locks down 400,000 people over 18 cases

As the number of people killed by the coronavirus passes 500,000 worldwide, China isn't taking any chances of a second wave gripping the country -- despite having largely contained its outbreak in recent months.

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China's GPS rival Beidou fully operational

China launched the last satellite in its Beidou navigation network on Tuesday, completing a new rival to GPS and cementing its place in an elite group of countries with their own global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

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Markets are very sensitive to what happens in Washington. Here's proof

The White House maintains that the US-China trade deal reached late last year remains in place. But after comments from White House trade adviser Peter Navarro roiled markets, one thing is clear: Investors are still extremely sensitive to news and rhetoric from Washington.

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