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Police investigate connection between Madeleine McCann case and another

German police investigating the 2007 disappearance of British child Madeleine McCann have now launched an investigation into a potential connection between her disappearance and that off another child who went missing five years ago in Germany, according to German media.

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The world's best egg dishes

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If we're talking menus, you might be inclined to say "egg," if only for its ubiquity at breakfast. But the egg is the star of many other meals, too, and it is beloved for its workhorse qualities in recipes the world over.

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Kids are born biased but parents can keep it from mutating into racism

As the United States erupts in protests and push back against systemic racism, parents are worried. Parents of black kids navigate far more fundamental worries and much higher stakes, fearing that their children's lives will be taken for jogging, driving, even sleeping in their own homes.

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