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Is my senior moment the start of dementia?

The number of cases of dementia in the US is rising as baby boomers age, raising questions for boomers themselves and also for their families, caregivers and society. Dementia, which is not technically a disease but a term for impaired ability to think, remember or make decisions, is one of the most feared impairments of old age.

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Trump-backed GOP Senate nominee mocked elementary school sexual harassment in 1999

Jason Lewis, a former GOP congressman running for a US Senate seat in Minnesota, dismissed in a 1999 television show sexual harassment and assault in K-12 schools as being insignificant cases of children teasing each other and argued against a school's legal responsibility to limit harassment between students.

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RNC in Charlotte tied to 4 cases of Covid-19

Four people involved with the Republican National Convention meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, tested positive for Covid-19, county officials said, serving as a reminder that large GOP events that have largely eschewed safety measures could contribute to the spread of coronavirus.

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Hundreds of cases reported as colleges return

Students are returning to college campuses across the US, and several universities are already detecting cases of coronavirus. Here's what some schools are reporting:

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Analysis: What the heck is Georgia's governor doing?

On Wednesday in Georgia, there were almost 4,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Almost 2,800 people are hospitalized due to Covid-19, the highest number in the state's ongoing battle against the virus. A total of 37 people died, the highest number of daily deaths since June 25, according to data from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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