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What prosecutors can learn from Amy Cooper case

On May 25, a video went viral of a White woman calling the police on a Black man in Central Park after he asked her to follow the rules and leash her dog. On her call to 911, she allegedly lied, claiming he was threatening her, and specifically emphasized his race as part of her report.

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Airline sued over Black man's removal

American Airlines is being sued by five passengers who allege they were improperly removed from a flight because of racial discrimination by the airline.

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Demonstrators say public safety re-imagined is a future without police

Tony Williams remembers pulling into a gas station in rural Minnesota late one night after getting lost on his way back home to Minneapolis in 2018. He saw a couple of police cars parked on the lot and thought he'd ask for directions. Williams, a black man, pulled his car in near them and two white officers immediately jumped out and ran to him, both with one hand on a holstered gun and the other holding a flashlight that shined in his face.

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