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Trump claims he 'aced' cognitive test but offers no proof

President Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that he recently "aced" a cognitive test, his latest attempt to dismiss questions about his mental capabilities and attempt to call into question those of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Opinion: Democrats, it's too soon to cheer Trump's defeat

One need not listen hard these days to hear the sound of Democratic pollsters and pundits gleefully cheering that the end of President Donald Trump's term in power is finally in sight -- Joe Biden's Inauguration Day on January 20th, 2021.

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Biden defends Duckworth after attacks on her patriotism

Joe Biden on Tuesday defended Sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran who is considered to be a top vice presidential candidate, after her patriotism was recently questioned by President Donald Trump's campaign and leading conservative commentator Tucker Carlson.

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The three women who should be at the top of Biden's VP list

The selection of a running mate is among the biggest decisions a presidential candidate will make during their candidacy. The decision is particularly weighty when one realizes that one in five US presidents have not completed their full terms.

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Why Dems need to prioritize statehood for DC and Puerto Rico

The US House of Representatives passed a bill in favor of DC statehood Friday. Both the Republican Party and the President oppose statehood for the nation's capital, so the bill will almost certainly go nowhere in the Senate — for now. But should Joe Biden win the presidency and bring with him majorities in the House and Senate, he should make statehood for DC — and for Puerto Rico — a priority for his first 100 days in office.

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Biden says he would make face masks mandatory

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said if elected president, he would make wearing a face covering in public compulsory, furthering himself on the issue from President Donald Trump who has stressed that masks are voluntary and has flouted public health recommendations.

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People close to Biden's VP search say these are the four leading prospects

Joe Biden is entering the final month of his search for a running mate, a decision people close to the process say is now heavily influenced by a national reckoning on racism, as his search committee pores over records and conducts interviews before presenting a list of finalists to the former vice president.

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CNN analyst on New York Times poll: This is huge

A New York Times poll looking at six key battleground states found that former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by double-digits in some of those states. CNN's Harry Enten explains.

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A new face of the Democratic Party emerges

• Watchdog reports widespread delays in US response to Covid-19 • Polls bring good news for Joe Biden • Trump won't follow New Jersey quarantine mandate during upcoming trip

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Joe Biden frightens Donald Trump

Much has been made of the spectacular flop that was President Trump's planned campaign re-launch in Tulsa over the weekend. But one of the most revealing moments got too little attention.

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