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BeiGene cancer drug fails in study against AbbVie: J&J's Imbruvica

BeiGene Ltd said on Monday a late-stage trial failed to show that its cancer treatment Brukinsa was superior to Imbruvica, a rival drug from Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie Inc. The results come merely a month after BeiGene scored a win with Brukinsa's approval to treat patients with mantle cell lymphoma, who have received at least one prior therapy.

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Cuomo and Lemon remember Obama's tan suit controversy

It's been five years since former President Obama gave a news conference at the White House while wearing a beige-colored suit. CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon take a look at why this fashion choice choice sparked outrage among political pundits in 2014.

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What's so special about the Mona Lisa?

Every day, thousands of people from around the world crowd into a stark, beige room at Paris's Louvre Museum to view its single mounted artwork, Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa."

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At 106, this doctor isn't slowing down

Wearing his favorite tie, Dr. A. William Frankland settles into his beige armchair and recounts a life story Hollywood producers could only dream of.

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