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Opinion: Trump's coronavirus conversion

"Beautiful day outside," President Donald Trump gushed on Sunday from the White House podium. "I think we have some great things to talk about," he added, explaining he was "very happy," because the Federal Reserve had just cut interest rates to near zero in an emergency response to the looming economic devastation of a fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. "Relax," he advised anxious shoppers. "We have tremendous control" over the crisis.

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Mr. Rogers is still watching over us

As a critic, I'm not much for anointing "must see" movies -- they're too expensive these days, and viewers' tastes too varied -- but "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" is pretty darn close to a must-see.

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Opinion: Americans are forgetting what racism is

A few weeks ago, like millions of other Americans, I attended a high school graduation. My niece was graduating with honors and would soon be heading off to college. It was a beautiful day and a joyous moment for our family.

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