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Manziel may be out of time

Has quarterback Johnny Manziel worn out his welcome in Cleveland? The answer could be revealed Wednesday.

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Tebow in line for surprise return at Philadelphia

(Reuters) - Tim Tebow is set to make a surprise return to the NFL after the quarterback agreed on a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, the league reported on Sunday. Terms of the contract have yet to be revealed but the 27-year-old Tebow is expected to join a large group of quarterbacks vying for spots on the Philadelphia roster. Tebow has been employed as a television analyst since his last NFL game in 2012 but worked out with the Eagles last month and appears to have made a good

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Mom: 'Help end this nightmare'

The parents of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham issued a new appeal for the whereabouts of their daughter on Saturday, saying despite an arrest in the case, thousands of tips and hours of searches, someone must have critical information yet to be revealed.

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