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Poland's PiS change electoral rules ahead of presidential vote

Poland's ruling nationalists fast-tracked changes to the electoral code through parliament in the early hours of Saturday in a bid to press ahead with presidential elections in May which have been criticized by opposition parties who want the vote to be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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House on edge ahead of $2.2 trillion coronavirus vote

Armed with hand sanitizer and discouraged from using elevators, members of the U.S. House of Representatives aimed to quickly pass a sweeping $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill on Friday, though it was unclear if they would be forced to delay a day.

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Trump wants US reopened by Easter. That could send the economy into depression

President Donald Trump, fearing an economic catastrophe ahead of the November election, is hoping to swiftly remove the severe health restrictions imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. But opening America for business in a few weeks could have the opposite effect: It could lay the groundwork for a repeat of the Great Depression.

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