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'The Problem With Jon Stewart' takes a serious leap into advocacy journalism

Emerging from his TV hibernation, Jon Stewart has taken John Oliver's deep-dive format into a single issue and gone a step further in "The Problem With Jon Stewart." If "The Daily Show" offered a satirical spin on the news, this Apple TV+ series is essentially a advocacy-based newsmagazine, one where the comedy bleeds out incidentally more than by actual planning.

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Opinion: Here's why you should put down that hot dog and reach for a handful of peanuts

When our nutrition study came out last month, headlines around the world focused on the finding that eating a single hot dog can take 36 minutes off your life expectancy due to the presence of processed meat and sodium, which increase the risk of ischemic heart disease and diabetes. There was less emphasis on the good news in the study: Eating a serving of peanuts or peanut butter, for example, could add 25 minutes since nuts reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease and diabetes -- and therefore increase the probability of a healthier life.

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Analysis: Biden's self-created image of foreign policy savvy has taken a serious blow

Joe Biden's self-created image of foreign policy expertise has taken a serious blow. In a single week, the US military admitted to a disastrous air strike that only killed innocent Afghan civilians and Biden himself made an announcement that caused a serious rupture in relations with America's oldest ally. Though neither was intended, both arose from the President's attempts to put his stamp on the globe.

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New Zealand battles worst outbreak since last year

New Zealand authorities reported 62 new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases Wednesday -- the highest number in a single day since last year as the country wrestles with a growing outbreak driven by the more contagious Delta variant.

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What turned a doctor's elation into anguish

On July 2, I learned that for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began, not a single bed at our hospital was occupied by a Covid-positive patient. After 16 grueling months of fighting the virus on the frontlines alongside my colleagues, we had finally reached the milestone we were desperately seeking.

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