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Putin and Biden are circling warily

Just two days after President Joe Biden invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in person, the Biden administration is rolling out a series of tough sanctions designed not just to signal unhappiness with the actions of the Russian regime, but to have a significant diplomatic and economic impact. Tensions between the United States and Russia, already about as high as they've been at any time since the Cold War, are about to get hotter.

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Intelligence officials reassert their role post-Trump

The last time the top three intelligence officials testified in front of Congress, they were publicly criticized by the President, who lashed out at them in a series of tweets calling them passive and naive and saying that they should "go back to school."

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Inside Turkey's incredible underground city

It's a landscape that looks almost alien. Soft tufa rock -- spewed from volcanoes millennia ago to create a series of ethereal "fairy chimneys" that have been shaped and sculpted by nature. This is Cappadocia.

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Thailand pushes back thousands fleeing Myanmar

Thailand has reportedly pushed back more than 2,000 people attempting to flee neighboring Myanmar following a series of air strikes carried out by the ruling junta in the southeast of the country.

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Biden, a President who doesn't insult our intelligence

Anyone hoping President Joe Biden's first formal news conference Thursday would produce a series of gaffes and misstatements must be deeply disappointed. Americans who want a competent, coherent, focused President should feel reassured.

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How AstraZeneca went from pandemic hero to villain

After teaming up with Oxford University, AstraZeneca produced a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine in just nine months, a huge achievement that will help end the pandemic. But a series of missteps along the way has led to scathing criticism from policymakers and health officials, tarnishing the company's image as a hero of the coronavirus era.

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Vanessa Bryant names deputies who allegedly took photos of crash site

In a series of Instagram posts on Wednesday, Vanessa Bryant revealed the names of the four Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies who allegedly took or shared grisly photos of the scene of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, NBA legend Kobe Bryant, their daughter Gianna, and seven others.

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Biden and Harris condemn deadly Atlanta spa shootings

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the recent lethal shootings at a series of spas in the Atlanta area, marking her most formal remarks about the ongoing issue of violence against the Asian American community.

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There were concerns about Archie's skin tone, Meghan says

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has said there was concern within the royal family about her baby's skin tone, and her husband Prince Harry condemned his relatives for failing to criticize colonial undertones in media coverage, in a series of damning and disturbing claims that threaten to spark a racism scandal around Buckingham Palace.

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Joe Manchin stalls Democrats' Covid relief push for hours

The Senate is bracing for a series of politically tough amendment votes Friday that could stretch late into the night and into the early hours of Saturday, the last major hurdle senators face before voting on President Joe Biden's sweeping pandemic relief bill, even as lawmakers are still planning to make changes to the legislation.

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