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Cuba's Raul Castro prepares to step down

When Raul Castro announced three years ago that he would step down in 2021 as head of Cuba's all-powerful communist party, he surely envisioned the island on firmer economic footing and the transition to a new generation of leadership nearly complete.

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These schools are producing a new generation of Black leaders

From Martin Luther King Jr. to Stacey Abrams, historically Black colleges and universities, also known as HBCUs, have a legacy of producing graduates who go on to change America. CNN Political Analyst Bakari Sellers asks current HBCU students how their schools are preparing them to step onto the pages of history.

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Opinion: HBCU graduates continue to write the story of America

America is struggling with a complicated set of challenges, raised up and laid bare during the Trump years. Tackling them requires a new generation of leadership that is morally grounded and invested in the plight of the communities that are incessantly ignored. Fortunately, an incoming cadre of leaders, educated and shaped by historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), are positioned as the change agents our nation needs.

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Pete Buttigieg launches a new PAC

Pete Buttigieg launched a new super PAC on Friday, hoping to turn the excitement around his presidential campaign into a political organization that will help a new generation of Democratic leaders.

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Virus may inspire a new generation of doctors

The devastating coronavirus has already claimed the lives of over 50,000 people across the world -- and shows little sign of letting up anytime soon. But if there is one glimmer of hope in this global nightmare, it's that it may inspire a generation of Americans to consider pursuing careers in the medical and scientific fields, just as other crises have inspired past generations in particular ways.

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Why we need to know the truth about Malcolm X

"Who Killed Malcolm X?" -- a six-part Netflix series that started streaming during Black History Month -- has not only reintroduced this icon of black political radicalism to a new generation, it has pushed the Manhattan district attorney's office into relaunching the closed investigation into a political assassination that occurred 55 years ago.

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