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Democrats, think twice before you bet on a billionaire of your own

Some Democrats believe former New York City Mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg is the party's moderate savior: a New York businessman well-positioned to take on and defeat Trump, also a former New York businessman -- and a dangerous and unchecked would-be dictator sitting in the White House. However, Democrats are mistaken if they believe the best way to stand up to Trump -- an oligarch who now effectively owns the GOP -- is a matchup with another billionaire able to drown out his opponents through ad spending. The concept of a Bloomberg candidacy provides the best evidence of the damaging influence of money in politics, and the need for America to publicly fund its elections.

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A new use for McDonald's used cooking oil: 3D printing

Professor Andre Simpson had a problem. The University of Toronto's Scarborough campus was paying through the nose for a crucial material for its 3D printer. Few would have guessed McDonald's would come to the rescue.

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Opinion roundup: A new guest on the debate stage

CNN Opinion curates commentators' smartest tweets on the Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. The views expressed in these tweets belong solely to the commentators. View more opinion articles on CNN.

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