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Winter Olympics: China admits Beijing 2022 could bring Covid-19 cases

China has admitted that the Beijing Winter Olympics could bring "Covid-19 cases or small clusters of infections" as "a large number of overseas personnel will gather, causing a very high risk of transmission," an official said at the State Council's press conference on Thursday.

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China faces host of challenges as Olympics loom

As the two-month countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics approaches, a new Covid-19 variant of concern is spreading around the globe. A recent #MeToo scandal involving China's top tennis star and a retired top Communist Party leader, the ongoing mistreatment of the Uyghurs and other controversies have also piled further pressure on Beijing as calls for a Games boycott surface. CNN's David Culver reports.

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Beijing races to contain new outbreak as Olympics loom

Less than 100 days until the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese officials are racing to suppress a widening outbreak of Covid-19. While Beijing will take the honor to become the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics -- a major point of pride for China, it also faces ample challenges. CNN's David Culver reports.

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