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GOP extremists could doom party to endless defeats

Republican Sen. Rob Portman's retirement announcement caught Washington DC by surprise. Portman, who won reelection in Ohio in 2016 by 21 points, was seemingly not on anyone's radar for potential retirement.

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America almost lost its democracy. Here's how we stop that from happening again

As we swear in a new President and look to a new era in Washington DC, a cloud of anger and fear hangs over America after pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol. President-elect Joe Biden has big plans and a serious mandate, but he will have to govern a divided nation, one that was nearly torn apart by a mob hellbent on destroying it. I talk to US Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut and CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen about what comes next for America's fragile democracy. But first, Rep. Himes writes this week's CNN op-ed. --SE Cupp

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Opinion: What history can teach Biden about facing insurrection on Inauguration Day

On January 20, Joe Biden will be inaugurated the next President of the United States. But his Inauguration Day comes amid increased threats from extremists who falsely challenge the legitimacy of his election. As a result, the President-elect will no longer be taking Amtrak to Washington DC for his ceremony. An inauguration rehearsal scheduled for Sunday has been postponed. And the National Mall is closed through at least next Thursday.

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Analysis: The US Capitol siege was no 'third world country' crisis

The events that unfolded in Washington DC on Wednesday are not the same as what happens elsewhere, in countries often referred to as "third world" or "developing" or "over there." Those are places where, lest we forget, the United States has often meddled or invaded under the auspices of bringing democracy.

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Opinion: Trump's stunning split with America's military leaders

President Trump loves the pomp of the military. He went to a military-style boarding school in New York, he has always pined for a big Kremlin-style military parade in the streets of Washington DC and when he came into office he appointed retired and serving generals to key positions in his cabinet, to a greater degree than any other modern president.

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1,000 square foot mosaic of Ida B. Wells being installed in DC

It's been 100 years since American women were granted the right to vote. To commemorate this milestone, a massive mosaic of suffragist and civil rights leader, Ida B. Wells, is being installed on the floor of Union Station in Washington DC.

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Long voting lines threaten our democracy. Fixing them is easier than you think

Another Tuesday, another mess of an election. Georgia's primary on June 9 featured new voting machines that malfunctioned and led to agonizingly long waits at the polls. The week before, it was Washington DC, where voting by mail went smoothly but where lines at in-person voting centers stretched for up to five hours.

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Active duty troops deploying to Washington DC

The Trump administration is putting an active duty military police battalion on a shorter response time in and around Washington enabling them to be deployed in the nation's capital as soon as tonight, three US defense officials tell CNN.

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The pandemic got journalists out of New York and DC. That could be good news for you.

The pandemic forced many journalists who previously crowded around media capitals such as New York City and Washington DC to abandon their offices. Some worked from home while others fled their congested cities to work and ride out the crisis elsewhere. Newsrooms quickly transitioned to remote work by adopting new tools such as Zoom.

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Trump's approval is up again

• Analysis: Fauci crushed Trump's theory on the origins of Covid-19 • Washington DC: Congress slow to oversee US response amid partisan fights • Analysis: History says whoever can best handle Covid-19 will win the election. That should worry Trump.

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