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Analysis: The most important moment in Biden's town hall

Former Vice President Joe Biden took questions from a socially-distanced crowd -- assembled in cars at a drive-in movie theater! -- and CNN's Anderson Cooper on Thursday night for two hours. But it was a single moment that stood out to me, a moment where Biden made his strongest possible case for not only why he and President Donald Trump see the world so differently but also for why he, and not Trump, is the best leader in this critical moment in the country.

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Biden vows he'll keep an aggressive campaign schedule

Former Vice President Joe Biden reassured Senate Democrats he would mount a vigorous effort in the campaign's final stretch, barnstorming through key swing states and helping crucial Senate races in the process, according to Democratic senators on a conference call Thursday.

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Wounded veteran: I want a president who understands service

In March of 2010, I sat in my wheelchair in a cramped kitchen in the basement of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's amputee rehab clinic. A lone Secret Service agent stood quietly against one wall and I sat at a kitchen table. To my immediate left, with our elbows almost touching was then-Vice President Joe Biden. Across the table was his wife, Jill Biden, and also at the table were two other seriously wounded soldiers and our significant others.

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Analysis: Why Biden's national lead matters

Poll of the week: A new Monmouth University poll finds that former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 51% to 44% lead over President Donald Trump among likely voters. Among registered voters, it's Biden 51% to 42% for Trump.

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Analysis: How coronavirus will decide the 2020 race

With just 57 days until the 2020 election, it will be time to vote before you know it. For our special Labor Day edition, I'm breaking down the five big storylines to watch between now and Election Day -- the narratives that will define the final stretch of the race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Democrats urge to impose sanctions on Russians meddling in 2020 election

A group of Senate Democrats are pushing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to sanction Russian officials who are meddling in the 2020 US elections after the intelligence community said that Russia is working to "denigrate" the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Dale: 'It's almost too stupid to fact-check'

CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks the disinformation about Vice President Joe Biden spread by President Trump and members of the GOP in interviews and on social media.

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Analysis: Trump's still in trouble in first post-convention polling

President Donald Trump wanted a large bounce coming out of the Republican National Convention, and early evidence is that he did not receive one. Trump may have gotten a small bump out of his convention, but he still clearly trails former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Analysis: Trump is the president of the loud minority, not silent majority

I've spent a lot of time talking about the importance of the 50% mark for former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden, unlike Hillary Clinton four years ago, is consistently hitting and exceeding 50% in the polls, which means President Donald Trump can't just count on late deciders to put him over the top.

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Analysis: Why Democrats are worried about Kenosha

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump and President Donald Trump both recognize the potential political fallouts if protests in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting are seen as peaceful or as violent. Biden benefits if they are seen as the former, while Trump is helped if they are seen as the latter.

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Positivity on Biden hits high after the DNC takes center stage

The Democratic National Convention took over the conversation surrounding the presidential race this week, and more Americans had positive things to say about the party's nominee -- former Vice President Joe Biden -- than at any point in the last eight weeks.

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