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Retired General: Trump needs to go

When I retired from the Army in 2013 as a three-star general, I thought that retired military officers should not make public political statements. We take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not to pledge alliance to certain political leaders. But the events of the last week have led me to reflect more deeply about what service to our country means. I can no longer remain silent because more than anything, it is a time for all citizens and leaders to stand up for our democracy. We must find ways to heal a very divided nation.

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What Congress must do to protect itself

Just as Covid-19 began wreaking havoc on the United States' public health, economy and election administration, we made the case that Congress should adopt procedures to carry on the business of the country through remote means if necessary.

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Urgent unanswered questions about the Capitol attack

The images will remain etched in our collective memories; throngs of MAGA-hatted attackers rampaging through the US Capitol in a deadly assault stoked by the President of the United States and his accomplices, determined to prevent the winner of the presidential election from taking office.

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'America United' announced as inaugural theme

"America United" will be the theme for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, the Presidential Inaugural Committee announced Monday, drawing from a core pillar of his campaign that has now grown more poignant in light of the violent riot on Capitol Hill.

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Republicans, expel anyone who supports the rioters

The United States witnessed a violent insurrection on Wednesday designed to prevent the certification of President-elect Joe Biden's victory. It left five dead, including police officer Brian D. Sicknick. The majority of Americans -- including between 70% and 80% of Republicans surveyed in two new polls this week -- have rightfully disavowed the violence.

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The Capitol attack was White supremacy, plain and simple

How in the world do scores of seditious rioters simply waltz into the United States Capitol, so casually that many of them record their invasion on their phones and take selfies with cops? How do they scale the walls and push through the doors and scatter the police and not get forcibly stopped by whatever means necessary? How does anyone breach the House speaker's office and relax in her chair as if he owned the place?

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US lifts self-imposed restrictions with Taiwan

The United States is lifting decades-old restrictions between American and Taiwanese officials, in a move that will fundamentally change Washington's relationship with the self-governed island -- and is expected to anger Beijing.

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Opinion: Whether unprepared or unwilling, police failed at the US Capitol

I was not present on Capitol Hill Wednesday when insurrectionist rioters dealt the United States Capitol, the heart of America's democracy, a penetrating wound. But like millions -- billions -- of people worldwide who had screens to watch and eyes to watch them with, I nevertheless saw.

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