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Watch some of Dole's most memorable moments

Former Republican Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole has died, according to a statement released by his family. "Senator Robert Joseph Dole died early this morning in his sleep. At his death, at age 98, he had served the United States of America faithfully for 79 years," the statement said.

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McEnroe calls on men's tennis to follow women

Patrick McEnroe, former captain of the United States Davis Cup Olympic team, joins CNN New Day to discuss the World Tennis Association's decision to suspend games in China following the disappearance of tennis player Peng Shuai.

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Omicron was in Europe long before travel bans on southern Africa

When South African officials sounded the alarm on the new Omicron variant last Thursday, stocks around the world tumbled and up to 70 countries, including the United States, imposed travel bans and restrictions to southern African countries.

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Magnitude 7.5 earthquake shakes Peru

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Peru early Sunday morning, according to the United States Geological Study (USGS) and Peru's National Seismology Center.

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How Venezuela lured and arrested US citizens

The so-called "Citgo 6," a group of 5 US citizens and a permanent US resident under house arrest in Venezuela, have become pawns in the long-running confrontation between the United States and the Venezuelan regime of embattled President Nicolas Maduro. CNN's Isa Soares reports.

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Analysis: Thanksgiving is back, baby!

Almost 7 in 10 Americans say they plan to spend Thanksgiving with the same number of people (63%) or even more people (5%) than they did pre-Covid, according to new Monmouth University poll numbers -- data that suggest people are getting back to their normal holiday routines even as the number of cases continues to trend higher across much of the United States.

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Unite the Right verdict sends an urgent message

For those of us who are growing increasingly worried about the prospect of even more deadly political violence in the United States, Tuesday's verdict by a Charlottesville jury -- which held extreme far-right leaders and groups that organized and participated in the violent 2017 rally liable for more than $26 million in damages -- came as very welcome news.

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Key way to stop another Covid surge

This past summer's Covid-19 surge, which burned through large swaths of the country, peaked in early September after reaching about 160,000 cases per day. The subsequent decline in cases was steep, but after two months, infections in the United States are rising again.

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