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Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity

A federal judge in Mississippi wrote a scathing opinion Tuesday urging the Supreme Court to revisit qualified immunity, a legal doctrine created nearly 40 years ago that the judge argues is shielding law enforcement and government officials from accountability.

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Opinion: The people who sit by while Trump sets Roger Stone free

By ruling on Thursday against President Donald Trump's effort to prevent a New York grand jury from getting its hands on his financial documents, the Supreme Court emphatically told Trump that no one -- not even the President of the United States -- is above the law. All nine justices agreed with one aspect of the ruling, that a president does not enjoy absolute immunity from state criminal process. A 7-to-2 majority also ruled that a state grand jury does not need to show a "heightened need" before serving a subpoena on a president. And, when it comes to congressional subpoenas, that solid majority rejected Trump's insistence that the House of Representatives must demonstrate "specific need" before obtaining his financial and banking records.

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SCOTUS rules broad swath of Oklahoma is Native American land

The Supreme Court said Thursday that a large swath of eastern Oklahoma, including Tulsa, is Native American land for purposes of federal criminal law in a decision that the state argued could call into question thousands of state prosecutions for serious crimes.

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Pelosi says Supreme Court declared Trump 'not above the law'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said that the Supreme Court has declared that President Donald Trump is "not above the law," after the court blocked House Democrats from accessing the President's financial records, but ruled that the President is not immune from a subpoena for his financial documents from a New York prosecutor.

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Historian: This is a very dark day for Donald Trump

CNN's Poppy Harlow speaks to historian Douglas Brinkley about the Supreme Court's latest ruling on President Donald Trump's financial records and how this could impact his future as a presidential candidate.

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Collins: Trump erupts over decision on Twitter

CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports on President Donald Trump's Twitter response to the Supreme Court's decisions on his financial records, including one that said Trump is not immune to a New York prosecutor's subpoena.

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Toobin: This is a legal defeat, but a practical victory

CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin reacts to the Supreme Court blocking House Democrats from accessing President Donald Trump's financial records, but ruling that the President is not immune from a subpoena for his financial documents from a New York prosecutor.

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Court's contraception ruling spotlights Trump's end goal

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court gave a green light to the Trump administration's rules allowing employers to deny their employees insurance coverage for birth control on moral or religious grounds. Unfortunately, that's no surprise. The Republican Party has long opposed the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act, requiring coverage for birth control, and Republican leaders including President Trump have made it a priority to stack federal courts with judges hostile to social progress and ready to assert control over the bodies of women.

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5 Supreme Court cases the justices have yet to rule on

The Supreme Court is taking an unusually long time to complete its term this year, with decisions in five cases still under wraps days after the justices would have typically cleared out its docket for the season.

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Supreme Court deals major blow to Keystone XL project

The Supreme Court on Monday cleared the way for several pipeline projects to proceed under a fast-track permitting process but excluded the controversial Keystone XL expansion from their ruling, forcing major delays.

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