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GOP claims about Barrett insult our intelligence

Barring the sudden emergence of a collective conscience, Senate Republicans will confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Monday. They have told the public -- and reiterated with a 12-0 vote of her nomination out of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- that this is a perfectly legitimate path forward, and that Barrett is a highly qualified judge who will follow the law. What they have not mentioned is her extreme ideology.

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Senate Republicans defend Barrett against new report

Senate Republicans are defending Judge Amy Coney Barrett a day before her Senate Judiciary Committee vote against Democratic criticism of her record and a new report from the Associated Press that highlights her previous position on the board of an private Christian school system that the AP reports has anti-LGBTQ policies.

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Senators' surprising hug sparks outrage

CNN's Manu Raju explains why a maskless hug between Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) at Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing is receiving criticism.

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Analysis: Amy Coney Barrett's answers were murky but her conservative philosophy is clear

If Judge Amy Coney Barrett rules in the vein she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Americans' personal privacy rights would be pushed back more than a half century. She would similarly diminish voting rights rooted in the 1960s. And she would, based on her scrutiny for regulators and apparent skepticism for the science of climate change, erect a tall hurdle for regulation of the environment.

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The size of SCOTUS is only part of the problem

As the Senate Judiciary Committee begins hearings over Judge Amy Coney Barrett's appointment to the US Supreme Court, the size of the nine-member court has become an election issue. If, as expected, Barrett is confirmed, the toxic polarization gripping the nation could be further mirrored in federal courts, which are supposed to be places where open-minded judges aim to treat all people equally and render just decisions.

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Opinion: Really, Sen. Cruz? This is what you asked Judge Barrett

Really, Sen. Ted Cruz? After speaking for over 20 minutes, the Texas Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to ask Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a seminal legal mind, about her children's distance learning and piano lessons. Let's just say, it struck a chord with women everywhere.

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Takeaways from Day 2 of Barrett's confirmation hearings

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett declined to preview how she would rule on potential cases as she faced questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, seeking to portray herself as an independent judge without an agenda.

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There's no good case against confirming Amy Coney Barrett

If recent history is any indicator, one can no longer be sure what to anticipate in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for a Supreme Court nominee. Admittedly, as a vocal fan of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, I feared the worst on the opening day of the confirmation hearings.

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Kamala Harris faces a complicated role as she questions Barrett

With Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings underway, many Democrats will be eagerly awaiting Kamala Harris' turn as the Senate Judiciary Committee's star prosecutor, hoping she can create one of those pin-drop moments that made her an irresistible pick to be Joe Biden's running mate.

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Amy Coney Barrett stresses family in opening statement to Senate

When Judge Amy Coney Barrett delivers her opening statement on Monday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, she'll focus on how her family, an upbringing modeled on service and faith and her mentor late Justice Antonin Scalia influenced the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

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What to watch in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings

Amy Coney Barrett's fast-track Supreme Court confirmation goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday as the raucous fight over Barrett's nomination spills into public view for a week's worth of hearings.

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