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Analysis: Wait. Trump's DOJ did what?

As President Joe Biden gears up to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, his effort to build his presidency around a theme of democracy vs. autocracy has been complicated by revelations trickling out about the US Department of Justice, which it turns out has been secretly collecting details about the communications of reporters and political adversaries of then-President Donald Trump.

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Will Trump be held accountable—this time?

It looks like former President Donald Trump was willing to go even further than we knew in his war against leaks. According to the New York Times, prosecutors in the Justice Department obtained, via subpoena from Apple, information from the accounts of at least two members of the House Intelligence Committee--Representatives Adam Schiff of California and Eric Swalwell of California-- and also looked into the metadata of their aides and family members (including at least one minor).

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$2 billion from border wall to be redirected

The Biden administration is returning more than $2 billion to military projects that had previously been set aside for the construction of former President Donald Trump's border wall, the White House Office of Management and Budget said Friday.

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Here's the biggest problem DOJ watchdog will face

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco has asked the Justice Department's inspector general to investigate the department's handling of a leak investigation into former President Donald Trump's political enemies that included a subpoena to collect metadata of lawmakers, staff and some family members, according to a Justice Department official.

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Swalwell says Trump 'weaponized' DOJ against enemies

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose data was seized by the Trump administration as part of a leak probe, on Friday said former President Donald Trump "weaponized" the Justice Department to dig into the private communications of his political opponents.

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Speaker Donald Trump? It could happen

Could former President Donald Trump be heading for the House of Representatives? In this latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza discusses the possibility of Trump making a run at House leadership — through Florida.

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Biden's AG defends controversial DOJ arguments related to Trump

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday defended a series of controversial arguments made by the Justice Department in recent weeks that endorsed legal positions held by former President Donald Trump and the previous administration.

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Opinion: On transformative legislation, Joe Manchin should step up

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is wrong to choose to vote against the For the People Act, a bill that would increase election security and access to voting and reduce the influence of big money in politics. To pretend that former President Donald Trump's Republican Party will act in good faith to preserve democracy is naive.

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Why the Biden Justice Department wants to help Trump fight a defamation lawsuit

When the Justice Department argued in a court filing Monday that it should be allowed to protect former President Donald Trump from a defamation lawsuit brought by a longtime magazine columnist who accused him of rape, a move that would hugely benefit Trump by likely ending the litigation, some wondered why the Biden administration would take such a position.

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Opinion: Merrick Garland's E. Jean Carroll misstep

During his nearly two years as US Attorney General, William Barr did unprecedented damage to the Justice Department. He misled the public (about former special counsel Robert Mueller's report, among other things), he abused the department's power to protect former President Donald Trump and his political allies (including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Trump confidante Roger Stone) and he eagerly parroted Trump's most dangerous political talking points (on the purported risk of massive voter fraud, for example).

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