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We need to address the digital divide

Millions of American students won't be heading back to the classroom this fall, at least not full time. From Los Angeles to New York, remote learning will continue into the fall.

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Video from 2004 shows Trump filling out provisional ballot

An "Access Hollywood" video from 2004 shows Billy Bush and Donald Trump visiting multiple polling stations around New York City as Trump tries to find his polling place. The video ends with Trump saying he's going to fill out an "absentee ballot," and then completing a provisional ballot in his limo. CNN's Don Lemon gives his take about the clip and President Trump's complaints about mail-in voting.

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Why don't all cities with high rates of crime get the same Trump treatment?

President Donald Trump recently announced that he will send hundreds of additional federal agents to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, adding to the deployments already present in Portland, Oregon. In an Oval Office gathering on July 20, he said: "How about Chicago? I read the numbers were many people killed over the weekend. We're looking at Chicago, too. We're looking at New York. Look at what's going on. All run by Democrats, all run by very liberal Democrats. All run, really, by radical left."

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After 14 years on the road, travelers are stalled in South America

For 14 years, nothing could stop road warriors Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl. The New York couple with a bad case of wanderlust had rattled in their trusty Silverado from the top of the Western Hemisphere in Alaska to the bottom of South America and a host of places in between on an epic road trip.

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DACA recipient: My face shield, mask and hospital scrubs cannot protect me

For the last four months, I have been fighting two battles. One against a well-known threat to New York City and the world, Covid-19, and the other against a less visible threat to immigrants nationwide, the systematic attempts by the Trump administration to dismantle Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) -- the program that protects Dreamers, undocumented immigrants like me who came to the United States as children, from deportation.

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Tom Cotton describes slavery as a 'necessary evil'

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas described slavery as a "necessary evil" in his ongoing effort to prevent US schools from teaching the 1619 Project, an initiative from The New York Times that reframes American history around the date of August 1619, when the first slave ship arrived on America's shores.

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Why I've been vocal about my mom's Covid story

As my husband and I packed up the rental car on July 19, strapped our 11-month-old into her car seat, and began the drive from Brooklyn, New York, to Dallas, Texas, I couldn't help but wonder how in the world we got here. I was going to Texas ... by car ... on my 40th birthday ... with plenty of masks and hand sanitizer in tow to say a final goodbye to my mother, Isabelle Papadimitriou, who died from Covid-19 on July 4.

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Trump postpones first pitch at New York Yankees game

President Donald Trump said Sunday he's postponed his plan to throw out the opening pitch at a New York Yankees game next month, extending his run as the only modern president to not take part in the longstanding tradition.

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Columnist: If Martians saw this, they'd scratch their head

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman reacts to President Donald Trump's boast on Fox News about his results from a cognitive test, saying that if Martians came to Earth and saw the interview clip, they would be "scratching their head."

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