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Ads show GOP candidate's stunning transformation

Dan Rodimer, a former professional wrestler from New Jersey, is facing scrutiny from both Republicans and Democrats as he begins his campaign for the US House of Representatives in Texas. CNN's Sunlen Serfaty reports.

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I'm racing against time to find out more about dad

I have a question for my father so I jot it down on a postcard. I figured it would be a new way to communicate. When I visit my parents, who are in their 80s, two weeks later at their home in New Jersey last fall, I say excitedly to dad, "Did you get my postcard? What is your favorite piece of music?"

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Bruce Springsteen arrested on DWI charges in November

Bruce Springsteen was arrested in a national park in New Jersey in November on charges of driving under the influence, according to a spokeswoman for the Gateway National Recreational Area in Sandy Hook, NJ.

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A crippling ice storm will stretch 1,600 miles across the US

More than 50 million people are under a winter weather alert for snow or ice, stretching from Texas to New Jersey. "Two storm systems swinging underneath a bitter arctic air mass will lead to a plethora of winter weather hazards," the Weather Prediction Center says.

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States retrieve hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses held in federal program

Hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 vaccine doses are shifting to states after they weren't used by the federal program to vaccinate long-term care facility residents and staff. The doses had been set aside for a federal partnership between the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Walgreens and CVS, which were vaccinating people in facilities in most states. CNN has counted at least 266,675 doses in 10 states -- Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia. That is equal to about 8% of the number of people who have been administered at least one dose through the federal program. Three states that responded to CNN -- Alabama, Delaware and Hawaii -- said they had no reallocations from the care facility programs at the moment. Both Georgia and Maryland told CNN they intend to reallocate any excess doses but were unsure of how many they would transfer at the moment.

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